Craft kit With glass snow globe

In the Schneekugelhaus there are also Bastelsets for glass-snow globes. These consist of the usual glass for the ball, a rubber stopper for filling the ball and a porcelain base. In these balls you can of course also a Fimo figure or another finished figure (from surprise egg or from the toyshop). Also here you need the filling material (snow or glitter) as well as water clear and an adhesive. The pedestal can be painted with acrylic paint or with photos.

Alternatives to the finished kit

Obviously, other figures can be placed in the snow globe instead of the FIMO figure. The contents of surprise eaters, for example, or other favorite pieces. However, they should not be made of metal, but the figure rust will be applied.
Even the finished plastic snow globe does not have to be used. Likewise, a flushed mustard or jam jar – turned upside down – can be lovingly designed and filled.
Again, it is, of course, important that the figure also really fits into the glass. This should be tried before.
Instead of snow, glitter or small hearts can also be filled into the ball.

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Snow globe with photo

A much less elaborate variant of a homemade snow globe is the photo sphere with inserted photo. There is no limit to your creativity. For example, you can add a slogan like “Nice to have us”. Also photo collages work very well in – correspondingly large – snow globes.
You will find the corresponding balls for photo bays

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