FAQs repair and tinker

How do bubbles of air actually form in the snow globe? Are the balls leaking?

In principle, air bubbles are produced during production. They form in the figure within the sphere and when the ball is filled with water, the air bubble still remains within the figure. Only when the ball is shaken then the air bubble is released from the figure and goes into the water. The ball is therefore not leaking.
In some balls one can remove air bubbles.
Air bubbles can also occur due to temperature fluctuations, ie also on the transport path. In some cases, some of the water in the ball evaporates, and small air bubbles form at the top of the snow globe. This can also occur during the storage of the snow globules, so that it is not possible that a ball ordered by you has air bubbles.
With some snow balls you can refill the water in the ball with a syringe. Whether this is possible with your snow globe, you can find it by looking at the base. Is there a small hole through which a syringe could fit? In the case of snow globes with a music box, it is sometimes necessary to unscrew the cover of the base in order to carry out this test. Often the lid (= music box) is glued into the base. Then you can remove it with Klebelöser. Then you get to the bottom of the snow globe and can refill water at the edge of the rubber. In my blog I show how this works.

What glue can I use for the figure in the ball?

First of all, it is important that the ball should be as wide as possible. Normally a plate is built down, which is then glued to the rubber. Glue is suitable for gluing but also glue. It is important that the rubber is pressed while the adhesive hardens and is pressed well against the plate, otherwise it will dissolve later when the rubber is inserted. For this reason, second-hand adhesives are actually the easiest to use.

I do not get the rubber stopper in the glass …

The rubber stopper has the same dimensions as the glass into which it is intended. That’s why he’s going to use something tight. But finally he should seal the glass well. Moisten the rubber something, then it usually fills quite well. Basically put the rubber straight on the opening and then push piece by piece into the glass. IMPORTANT: The rubber stopper must cross over! Otherwise he does not sit and does not shut down!

The glitter / snow does not spread in the ball, what can I do?


Add one drop of the sponge (no concentrate) into the water. This reduces the surface tension of the water.

Do the music boxes fit all your DIY balls, which are expandable for music box?
Yes, the plastic floor with the music box is standardized and identical for all sizes.

Can I also install another music box from the Internet?

Yes, of course, the music box has to fit on the plastic plate (the mounting points are the same for all manufacturers, so that is not so wild) and the puller must go down. Musical toys, which have their puller aside, are not suitable. The specialist www.spieluhr.de has here some music boxes, which would also fit on the already supplied plastic cover.

Defective bullet obtained from the USA

The customer is an enthusiastic collector of Disney snow balls. Since these are often only to be bought in the USA, they have to make the long way to Germany.
This ball came with broken glass. But with the replacement glass from the Schneekugelhaus the ball could be completely restored.

What if a photo snow globe does not hold the pedestals after inserting the photo?

Sometimes the base of the ball loses its surface tension during peeling and then no longer adheres to the ball by itself. Sometimes it helps to push the ball firmly into the base and to turn something. Then the base again jars with the ball. If this is not enough, the base should be attached to the ball with double-sided adhesive tape. Of course, you can also attach the base with a normal glue, but you can also remove the base from the double-sided tape. For example, to change the photo or add water.

How do you shake a snow globe so that the snow or glitter flies best?

The snow in the snow globe is best distributed by turning the ball not only on the head, but also by rotating it with the wrist. As a result, the snow is distributed all around the globe and then sinks down smoothly.