Create snow globes with glass ball

Only recently, there are also glass ball balls with base for self-baking in Germany.
In a Do-It-Yourself set is:
The spherical glass with the matching sealing rubber as well as the matching porcelain base. In this post I show how it works exactly.

In addition,

  • Object that comes into the sphere – snow or glitter
  • Waterproof – Distilled water – Water-proof silicone adhesive, transparent neutral (or marine glue)





  First, you have to create the character to come into the ball. This can be a finished figure (Schleich animal or similar), or a figure created with Fimo itself. If individual parts have to be glued together, then a model adhesive or a 2-component adhesive (depends on the material – model building adhesive is good for plastic parts in particular). Please keep in mind that the figure inside the ball is somewhat larger by the water. This must then be firmly welded to the sealing rubber. An adhesive, which is not water-soluble, is required for the fastening. The best experiences I have so far made with a silicone glue or a marine glue (used for sailing boats).
When the glue with which the figure has been glued to the rubber is dried, fill the snow or glitter into the glass ball and fill it with distilled water. Place the ball in the opposite direction. Add a drop of rinse and a few drops of water. The drop of detergent prevents the snow from clumping, making the water clear that the water is tipping.

   Then push the rubber seal from above into the ball. You can then refill some water with a syringe at the edge so that no air is left in the ball at the end, otherwise there is an air bubble when the ball is tilted. Always push the rubber over again and let the ball stand a little bit and observe if a bubble still forms later. Possibly water spray.
In the meantime, you can design the base. There are no limits to your creativity: you can paint the base with acrylic paints or glue them with pictures or pebbles.
Finally, the ball is then rotated and glued from above into the base. Here you can use a silicone adhesive or another glue for glass and porcelain.

Here is a video.