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Create snow globes with glass ball

Only recently, there are also glass ball balls with base for self-baking in Germany. In a Do-It-Yourself set is: The spherical glass with the matching sealing rubber as well as the matching porcelain base. In this post I show how it works exactly. In addition, Object that comes into the sphere – snow or glitter […]

Plastic snow globe design it Yourself

Meanwhile, there are plastic balls with a transparent bottom (So far there were only those with black ground) In In this article we show how to make an individual Snow globe.         And so you go: 1. First design the base plate (with the cover as a template). Do not forget the […]

This is how you make your own snow globe with FIMO

I am often asked about how to craft a snow globe. There are different possibilities for this. Here are the ones that are most frequently used and what you have to look out for. If you want to make a plastic snow globe, you have a wide selection. There are different plastic sleeves (with black […]