Plastic snow globe design it Yourself

Meanwhile, there are plastic balls with a transparent bottom
(So far there were only those with black ground)

In this article we show how to make an individual
Snow globe.





And so you go:
First design the base plate (with the cover as a template).
Do not forget the hole for the floor opening!
2. Alternatively, you can attach the object directly to the base.
(Eg with Fimo) or use a finished figure.




  1. Base plate and / or object with model adhesive on the floor

             4. Distilled water with 1 drop of dishwashing liquid, water clear
And mix some snow or glitter and fill in the hood.



  1. Glue the base plate (glue the adhesive well!) – allow to harden.
  2. The next day, fill with water



And finally the homemade snow globe is finished!